Agism, Sexism and You

Lisa LaFlemme’s dismissal recently was both disturbing and a deliberate provocation to all of us who are older, who perhaps wear the same “royal silver crown” that this lady has worn day in and day out for decades.Yes I say a “royal crown” since Lisa was royalty within the Canadian Media experience. If she was indeed forced out because of her self respecting attitudes toward ageism, I hope legal actions will follow. Always thought The CBC was a progressive futuristic organization, and different from the many corporations we see in the business world. Perhaps I was too optimistic.

We will all get older and experience the many changes within our bodies and minds associated with Mother Natures gift or trick. Depends on how you look at it right? Work seemingly forever, establishing yourself within a particular field, and in time you wish to enjoy your life, experience and enjoy the respect you should receive as a talented, experienced and wise person. Every one deserves the respect that is due, whether you have silver hair or you look like a youngster still. I think there is more to this replacement of Lisa LaFlemme than meets the eye. I can count on my left hand the number of people within the news/media field that attracted my immediate attention and silence. She was one of those professionals. maturing gracefully before us, bright eyes and a charismatic personality to boot. Then she has gone.

With the present day lack of experienced people within a multitude of fields, you’d think a highly skilled person would be appreciated, desired and placed upon a corporate pedestal for all to see. Wouldn’t you?

Every field and sector of our economy requires skilled people. The demand is fiercely competitive too.

A person who made $28.00 dollars two years ago is now making $35.00+. Treat your employee gems right, and they will usually stay and perform just right. Age does not matter. Making love well is dependent upon a couple and their desires, needs, wishes and lusts for each other. Perform well and often :) right? Experience in all things is reflected in all that we do.

Our educational system churns out unskilled graduates into fields that demand and need skilled talent. Many employee’s tend to be mercenary in attitude and action. Train an employee, pay them appropriately, and hope they will not turn from you for a buck or two in the near future. The traditional family like motto stills runs true, treat an employee like you’d like to be treated, and that person will be your employment partner for life. At a time when our population is aging, would it not be a better strategy to encourage aged citizens to participate and lead within our marketplace?

Managers and corporate leaders need to remember that “before you are a leader, success was all about growing yourself, but when you become a leader and employer, success is all about growing others”(Jack Welch).

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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